Curry for Change

Changing the lives of families
who suffer from hunger.

Women living in poverty are tackling hunger, thanks to Curry for Change 2016

Women living in poverty are tackling hunger, thanks to Curry for Change 2016

In Tarimar - a remote village in India - Mahetrin leads a local Women’s Group.

Every month the group meets, and each of its members contribute approximately 58p to a group savings account. Throughout the year, members are able to take out loans, so that they can invest in vital tools that will enable them to grow more food.

A loan of £58 enabled Mahetrin to buy essential seeds and farming equipment.

And as a result, she was able to improve her harvest, so that she has enough food to feed her family and sell her produce at market.

“Before, we couldn’t imagine saving even 10 Rupees. Now we are saving 50 Rupees a month each. We know that together, we have the power to create change.”

In the remote areas where Curry for Change has an impact, communities are marginalised and women, as a result of their social status, are particularly vulnerable to hunger and poverty.  

In the past year, supporters of Curry for Change have helped over 5000 vulnerable women to participate in groups like these.

Becoming a member of one of these groups gives women from poor, marginalised communities a new and unique opportunity. For the first time they have the opportunity to take control, shape their own futures, and work together to combat hunger and poverty.

This year, supporters across the UK have been hosting curry events to raise vital funds that will help to implement Women’s Groups in rural India.

By coming together with friends and sharing a meal, they are helping women from some of the most isolated areas of the word to provide enough food for their families all year round.

You still have a chance to make a difference this year. Donate now to support a vulnerable woman in India.

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