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Tikka Lamb Shoulder


Half a lamb shoulder

6 tbsp natural yoghurt

2 teaspoons Tikka spice mix

1 teaspoon beetroot powder

Squeeze of lemon juice

Salt and pepper

Note: This recipe requires a BBQ with a lid in order to slow cook your lamb.


You can cook this with a whole lamb shoulder, and will need to increase the cooking times accordingly if you do, but I went for the top half of the lamb shoulder,

  1. Score the skin side of the lamb should with a diamond pattern with a sharp knife. This will allow the marinade to get further in (it also looks pretty).
  2. Mix all of the other ingredients together in a bowl and spread over the lamb.
  3. Place the lamb in a plastic container or bag and leave in the fridge for 6 hours or overnight.
  4. Fire up your BBQ using good quality lumpwood charcoal to create a gentle heat (around 140c).
  5. Remove the lamb from the container, place it directly on the BBQ and close the lid. A lid is needed to cook a big chunk of meat like this.
  6. Cook the lamb slowly like this for around 5-6 hours, until the skin had crisped up, and the meat is tender and falling apart.
  7. Serve with pilau rice, sweet peppers seared over the coals, yoghurt, coriander and a lovely fruity chutney.

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