Curry for Change

Changing the lives of families
who suffer from hunger.


Want to get involved with Curry for Change, but don't feel confident hosting a fully fledged dinner party? Don't panic!

We've put together some simple alternatives so that you can support the campaign without feeling flustered in the kitchen.

1. Order in.

If you love having your friends round for a curry but don't love cooking, the simple solution is to order a takeaway. Ask each of your guests to contribute a few extra pounds in support of Curry for Change.

2. 'Pot Luck' party. 

The idea is simple - invite your friends, asking each guest to bring a dish. Once everyone's full, ask them to donate a few extra pounds in aid of the families we work with.

3. BBQ with a spicy twist.

Make the most of the sun this summer by taking your Curry for Change outdoors. 

We've got some great curry inspired barbeque recipes available here.

4. An Indian inspired cocktail party

Our ambassadors are fantastic at creating unique drinks recipes that will definitely impress your guests. Combine Indian inspired cocktail with some nibbles for a Curry for Change cocktail party.

5. High Chai

There are all sorts of interesting dessert recipes that feature spices from around the world - such as this Spiced Cream Cheese and Chocolate Cake by Chin's Kitchen or this Baked Ginger Cheesecake by Saira Hamilton. Host an afternoon tea rather than a curry night for a relaxed afternoon with friends. 

6. Office lunch

Host a lunch time curry in your office. Order from your nearest takeaway or ask your cafeteria to get involved. Ask everyone who gets involved to make a donation to the campaign.

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