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Changing the lives of families
who suffer from hunger.

Barish's story

Barish's story

Find Your Feet reaches out to some of the poorest communities in India, to talk to them about their rights, and encourage them to visit our Public Information centres.

Barish and his wife Suruj have always lived hand to mouth, depending on a small plot of land to feed themselves and their two children. In years when crops were bad, they had nowhere else to turn for food. They were powerless to prevent their children from going hungry.

When Find Your Feet set up a Public Information Centre nearby, Barish went along in search of a solution.

He learnt about a government scheme that he had never heard of before. The scheme entitles rural people living in poverty in India, to 100 days of paid work each year.

Information centres like these are staffed by counsellors, who have all received training from Find Your Feet, and know the ins and outs of the government schemes available in great detail.

Counsellors like these were able to help both Barish and Suruj apply to the work scheme and happily, both were successfully able to secure work.

Becoming stronger through the sharing of knowledge…

Barish and Suruj now have greater financial security, and know that they will be able to feed their children throughout the year. Through the sharing of knowledge they have become less vulnerable.

Barish now meets regularly with other members of his community, to share his experience and learn from theirs.

You can help to enable some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in India to work together to share knowledge and create change, simply by hosting a Curry for Change.

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