Curry for Change

Changing the lives of families
who suffer from hunger.

This Curry for Change Week we want to raise £8000!

This Curry for Change Week we want to raise £8000!

Curry for Change Week will take place from 21st-28th November 2016.

With your help we want to raise £4000 in one week, which will be doubled to £8000 by Natco Foods. Find out how to get involved. 

How will £8000 make a difference?

The money raised will help families from remote, rural areas of India, Nepal, Malawi and Zimbabwe to start building a future free from hunger and poverty.

It will help women like those from Udalbani Village in Jharkhand (pictured) to come together and build new skills, that will enable them to provide enough food for their families all year round.


If you raise £55 at your curry night, it will be doubled to £110 by Natco Foods...

£110 could set up a support group for women living in a rural village in India. The group will provide them will training, enabling them to start a village savings scheme and set up small businesses that will boost family income.

£8000 is enough to set up 72 of these groups, to enable women in India to provide for their families.


Along with gaining new practical skills, being part of a group also provides an opportunity for women from remote areas to meet on a regular basis, discuss their problems, build confidence and offer support to their neighbours.

Women like Talamai have already felt a change in their communities and in themselves.

“Previously we did not sit together, but now we do. We have really learnt the value of coming together to discuss things as a group.

“I’ve not always been confident like this. Speaking up in meetings has helped me grow my confidence. I have been able to be vocal at local development meetings as well. I now feel like I can represent my community and that I have their validation.”

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