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Securing school meals for children in India

Securing school meals for children in India

Children from some of the poorest areas of India now receive free school meals thanks to Curry for Change.

Phuljens and Rachana, their three children and their niece live in an isolated village in rural India.

The village is extremely poor and has always lacked basic facilities such as toilets and electricity. The family depend entirely on the land for survival.

Phuljens and Rachana work tirelessly to provide enough food for their children but they simply don’t have the means to give them a healthy balanced diet. This slows the children’s development and makes it harder for them to do well at school.

But with your support, Phuljens and Rachana are spearheading change in their village.

Thanks to training provided by Find Your Feet, Phuljens has become the leader of a Village Development Committee – a group of local people who fight for positive change in the community. Find Your Feet then helped the group to take their issues to local government and demand change.

Since forming, the group has made several life-changing differences in their community, including securing free school meals.

Now the local government employs Rachana and other women in the village to cook school lunches for all the children in the village.

This not only means that the children receive a healthy, balanced meal every day, but it also increases school attendance and concentration in lessons.

Phuljen also has a new outlook on life.

“I feel proud of what our Village Committee is doing. At first I felt very shy to talk about our issues. I had never done anything like this before. Now I’ve had training and I feel confident to talk to anyone – the project workers, the council, government workers…”

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