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Life in Tonahi Nara Village, India

Life in Tonahi Nara Village, India

 A gift of £19 could provide a day of training for a local health worker in India, helping them to improve their knowledge of antenatal care, nutrition and maternity benefits. Donate now.

Every day around 800 women die of preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. 20 per cent of these women are from India.

Women from remote villages in Chhattisgarh are particularly at risk. Most villages, like Tonahi Nara, are very isolated, with no hospitals nearby. This means that women are unable to access the care they need to ensure a safe pregnancy and birth.

Any medical treatment that is available is expensive. To afford it, families are forced to visit exploitative money lenders who charge very high rates of interest.

But with your support, women in rural Chhattisgarh are changing this.

For the first time, pregnant women in Tonahi Nara Village have access to life-saving medical treatment.

Members of the community meet once a month in a local information centre set up by Find Your Feet.

The monthly meetings are a chance for families to discuss the problems they face, and learn how they can be addressed. Maternal healthcare is a crucial issue that is repeatedly raised.

Find Your Feet supports women to apply for grants from the government. The grants pay for pre and postnatal care, as well as transport to hospital for the birth itself.

Thanks to your support, 100% of pregnant women in Tonahi Nara village now have access to medical care.

Women can now give birth in a clean, safe environment. Complications which would have once been life-threatened can now be treated.

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