Curry for Change

Changing the lives of families
who suffer from hunger.

We’re very excited to announce that in 2015 you helped us to raise…

We’re very excited to announce that in 2015 you helped us to raise…

In 2015, you helped us to raise an incredible £29,059 - every penny of which will now be DOUBLED by our sponsor Natco Foods.

And with a boost of an extra £5,000 on top of all that from Just Eat, Curry for Change 2015 has raised a whopping total of:

£63,118 is enough to help change the lives of 5,259 people who suffer from hunger. 

Sunita is just one of the women already experiencing change thanks to YOUR amazing fundraising efforts.  

When you raise money through Curry for Change, Find Your Feet is able to reach more families living in poverty in Asia and Africa. We help them to grow more food, earn an income, and speak out against injustice. Like the families in Sunita’s village, Udalbani, in Jharkhand, India.

We’ve set up a group and trained local women so they can save money together and start small businesses to earn a stable income for their family. Sunita is president of her local group. As well as leading others, she has set up her own piggery and bought three goats. These animals not only provide her with an income but also with fertiliser for her crops. Now she is able to grow enough food to feed her six children and pay for the basics of family life, like education and healthcare. 

We would like to thank each and every person that has supported the campaign over the last year – our exceptional supporters, champions and ambassadors as well as our partners Kingfisher Beer and Grub Club.

We would like to say an extra special thank you to our lead sponsor Natco Foods.

Natco’s continued support and incredibly generous donation is vital in providing life-changing support for the families we work with.

“Natco Foods is thrilled to be able to double Find Your Feet’s Curry for Change campaign as it brings people together through the foods and ingredients that we are passionate about. Cooking is a joy that enables the appreciation of different cultures and the sharing of stories, experiences and ideas. This campaign highlights the ways in which people all over the world struggle to feed their families on a daily basis, and allows people in the UK to challenge this through their cooking - it’s truly heartening to see the campaign grow every year.”

~ Natasha Pagarani, Natco Foods

 We can’t wait to get started on Curry for Change 2016, and we hope you can’t either! Keep an eye open for more news to come…

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