Curry for Change

Changing the lives of families
who suffer from hunger.

New Natco Foods partnership

New Natco Foods partnership

This year we are very excited to partner with Natco Foods who are generously matching every penny you raise.

Thanks to Natco, this means your support can make double the difference to the lives of families who suffer from hunger. We spoke to Natasha about why her family’s business is supporting the campaign.

Why has Natco chosen to support Curry for Change?

The campaign thrives on people sharing their knowledge and love of food. At Natco we have a passion for all things food, and believe that there is no better to way to raise awareness of the challenges many people face worldwide, than through the communal activity of cooking and eating.

You recently visited Find Your Feet’s work in India, what had the biggest impact on you?

We met communities who had been supported to set up self-help groups, who were uniting and working together. It was incredible to see how empowered and motivated the women were and the positive change they were able to achieve through strength in numbers.

What are your favourite Natco ingredients to cook with?

I have the complete range of Natco Spice & Herb Jars at home and I love trying different and unusual combinations to see how they can transform a dish. A great discovery was putting black cardamom in a tomato pasta sauce, and a recent success was courgette with thyme and ajwan seeds!

What will you be doing for your Curry for Change evening?

I’m a big fan of a DIY approach, where all the different ingredients are laid out and the guests put it together, like the popular street snack, Panipuri, which is great as a starter. The combination of the  chickpeas, onion and tomato mixed with the various chutneys and sauces is stress-free to prepare, and everyone loves it!

Sign up for Curry for Change this year and you will reveive a FREE pack of Natco spices, and the chance to make double the difference.

Read more about our Natco partnership.

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