Curry for Change

Changing the lives of families
who suffer from hunger.

Tokunbo’s Kitchen presents Curry For Change – Oya Come Chop

Tokunbo’s Kitchen presents Curry For Change – Oya Come Chop

This year Tokunbo's Nigerian supper club is helping to raise vital funds to help change the lives of families who suffer from hunger.

"In Nigeria, we say “Oya, come chop” when it’s time to eat. Our ‘Food is ready, Oya come chop’ Nigerian supper club series are about creating an intimate, contemporary dining experience. Here at Tokunbo’s Kitchen, we are about providing food lovers the opportunity to enjoy authentic Nigerian food along with a cultural immersion celebrating the vibrancy and traditions of West African food and culture.

At Tokunbo’s Kitchen, the motto is for guests to feel like royalty. The aim, therefore, is to ensure that everyone dines like one. Expect your taste buds to be delighted by colourful dishes bursting with lavish flavours of herbs and spices. Tokunbo’s Kitchen guarantees that you will leave with a new-found appreciation for Nigerian cuisine and culture.

Oya, come chop at Tokunbo’s Kitchen with other food lovers and feast to your heart’s content because no one leaves a Nigerian kitchen without a full stomach and heart."

Tickets includes a three course meal and complimentary cocktail.

What's on the menu?

Small Chops
Suya Prawns (Hot)
Yam, Plantain and Shrimp Balls
Akara - bean fritters with mixed peppers and sweet corn (Ve)
Ata Din Din - onions, garlic, tomatoes, chilli, ginger and curry powder dip
Spicy Coconut Fish Curry
Wana Sweet Potato Veggie Curry
Basmati Rice
Boli - Roasted Plantain
Tamarind and Molasses-glazed Fruit Kebabs (Ve)
Sweet Toasted Coconut


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