Curry for Change

Changing the lives of families
who suffer from hunger.

Change Lives

Natco Food Ltd

We are proud to be supported by our headline partner Natco Foods.

Natco has generously pledged to match every penny you raise by hosting your own curry events at home or school, and by attending events. This means that your fundraising will make double the difference to the lives of families who suffer from hunger. 

Not only that but they have also donated free spices for everyone who gets involved in the campaign!

Natco Foods is synonymous with South Asian cooking in the UK. Since 1961 Natco has been serving the UK's increasing love for the cuisine by sourcing lentils, grains, spices, nuts, seeds and chutneys from all over the world and bringing them to its award-winning processing hub in the heart of the English countryside.

There, the raw materials are graded, cleaned, milled and blended to produce the highest quality products. Natco is the favoured brand by families and chefs alike, and can be found in shops, supermarkets and restaurants throughout the UK.

The business is now run by third-generation family members, Luke, Danny and Natasha, and they are passionate about keeping up Natco's long history of making a positive contribution to the lives of those less fortunate.

Natash and Luke visiting some of the families that Curry for Change supports in India.

Natco Foods is thrilled to be able to double donations to the Curry for Change campaign as it brings people together through the foods and ingredients that we are passionate about. Cooking is a joy that enables the appreciation of different cultures and the sharing of stories, experiences and ideas. This campaign highlights the ways in which people all over the world struggle to feed their families on a daily basis, and allows people in the UK to challenge this through their cooking - it’s truly heartening to see the campaign grow every year.” 

~ Natasha Pagarani, Natco Foods

You can find Natco ingredients in all good supermarkets or by visiting their website,